The Fabulous Ferocity of Female Friendships

Take a minute and think about all of the lady friends you have in your life and what a typical hangout or conversation with them is like.

When I do this, I think of my best friends. It’s almost a disservice to limit them to the title of friend. For women, our friends are our cheerleaders, accountability partners, life coaches, personal stand up comedians, stylists, author of texts to boy interests, and occasionally fill-in mom. They give me unsolicited advice, more laughter than I know what to do with, and encouragement that can turn a day that totally sucks to one that I face with all the confidence of Tina Fey and Beyonce rolled in one. (She’s my alter ego, I like to call her Tinyoncfey)

Now, imagine a day or even week where you did not have any conversations or spend quality time with your female comrades. That is a very sad day or week. We spend years building these relationships with women we identify and relate to, and we need them. Call me sappy if you wish, but sometimes being our own best friend just doesn’t cut it. Having a foundation of fellow females who are there for you always, is a necessity-not an optional life addition.

Men are great. And I mean that. They make so many awesome contributions to society and they do a lot of great things for women (at least a lot of men do). I hope every lady out there has at least a few significant male relationships in her life because there importance is undeniable. But tell me this: how many of you can say that you get the same thing out of your conversations or time spent with a man that you do with your tried and true female best friends? If you do, shame on me. But please don’t tell anyone because that really takes away from the poignancy of this post.

Okay, so bringing it in for a landing. Female friendship is a beautiful, crucial, awesome blessing. I hope one day I am straight chilling in a nursing home with my best friends, not some dude (sorry future hubs if you’re reading this). Hopefully they are lifelong and leave on impact on your soul that you will forever be thankful for. Call your best friends, tell them how awesome they are, and don’t forget to reciprocate the wonderful friendship nuggets they are giving you.

Long live lady friends.



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